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Exploring Personal Identity

Tuesday 13th August 2013

David Claydon’s new book, “Who Do I Think I Am?” launched.

During the REVIVE conference on Friday 9 August at Sydney Showground, David Claydon’s new Book, Who Do I Think I Am? was launched by Rev Dr Ross Clifford, Principal of Morling College.

Author David Claydon, from Hornsby Heights, grew up in orphanages in Palestine and Egypt without any knowledge of his European heritage or even his date of birth. His quest for his own identity led him to write this book, which draws on both scripture and his own personal journey to explore what true identity is.

Rev Steve Dixon, the Director of Baptist Youth Ministries (NSW/ACT) and Coordinator of Youth Studies at Morling College states about the book, ‘With what feels like daily increases of voices screaming a variety of responses to the significant developmental question of identity enters a biblical, personal and wholistic voice.’

Throughout the book, significant questions are addressed such as: Am I important? How do I know who I am? Does my view of myself impact my spiritual health? These and other questions are answered with a biblical perspective. At at the end of each chapter is a list of thought provoking questions that can be used for either personal reflection or group discussion.

Who Do I Think I Am? Exploring personal identity and what it means to be “in Christ” is now available for sale through Morling Press and other online retailers.

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