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New Unit: Advancing the approach to how students learn

Thursday 4th June 2020 4 June 2020

Teachers looking to advance their approach to how students learn can tap on to the new postgraduate unit offered by the Faculty of Education at Morling College - Neurodiversity and the Nature of Learning. The new unit in neuroscience, autism, memory, and learning, will be offered alongside 24 other professional development units in Semester 2, 2020 which commences on 20 July this year.

Apart from helping teachers formulate a fresh approach to classroom learning, the unit will also take into account the unique learning needs and strengths of students with autism. Alongside the evidence-based subject matter, there is an important focus on the firsthand accounts of people with autism.

Topics covered in the unit include neurodiversity, neuromyths, emotion, memory and learning, cognitive load, autism, executive function, and pedagogical implications.

The Faculty of Education at Morling College offers internationally recognised degrees that are taught from a Christian perspective. We encourage teachers and educational leaders to think deeply about how their work as educators integrates with a Christian worldview.

We also provide opportunities to learn from great thinkers and practitioners about the intersection of education and Christian beliefs and to consider how this relates to the daily life of teachers and school leaders. Our courses are fully online and you can opt to study for a single unit or a full degree.

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