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On The Way To Faith: Personal Encounters With Jesus In John's Gospel

Wednesday 20th August 2014

Morling Press is eager to share the news that Ken R. Manley’s book, On the Way to Faith: Personal Encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel, was shortlisted for Australian Christian Book of the Year. This is the second Morling Press book in the last three years to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award. It is an honour for Morling Press to be able to share with Ken in this auspicious achievement and we are thrilled to be strongly contributing to the Australian Christian book market.

Though On the Way to Faith did not win, Ken thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had the following words to say: “I did not have any prize expectations but it was encouraging to be listed and I hope that… the Morling team feel equally happy to have our work recognised. I am encouraged by a few letters I have received in which people say they have been helped by the book and the awareness that several churches are using it for their group Bible studies.”

Ken Manley trained for the ministry at Morling College and his extensive and impressive resumé also includes lecturing in Church History at Morling. On the Way to Faith started out as a series of sermons and evolved into a set of studies that invites attentive reflection on compelling gospel stories. Jesus met with many different types of people, and in each case he gently but powerfully challenged them to begin a personal journey, to move forward on the way to faith. Ken’s book inspires readers to move forward in their own journeys on the way to faith.

Ken is looking forward to working with Morling Press again and we are certainly looking forward to partnering with Ken once more.

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