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Postgraduate Research Fellowships

Wednesday 27th November 2013

Morling College is pleased to announce the granting of two Postgraduate Research Fellowships through The Morling Foundation for the 2014 academic year.

The Postgraduate Research Fellowships for 2014 have been awarded to Mr Matthew Andrew and Mrs Caroline Batchelder.

Matthew Andrew is undertaking a PhD through the MCD University of Divinity, and his thesis title is Analogy, Being and Time: Hart, Jenson and the Question of Impassibility. Matthew Andrew is looking at the question of divine impassibility — the idea that God neither suffers nor changes — how that has been explored by contemporary theologians and its relevance to “postmodern” critics of religion.

Caroline Batchelder is undertaking her Doctor of Theology through the Australian College of Theology (ACT). Her thesis is A Study of the Servant of Yahweh in the Servant Songs of Isaiah 40–55 and the Whole of Isaiah.

The Morling Foundation has established the Fellowships as an expression of our commitment to postgraduate research; encouragement and support of our research students; providing research students with experience in teaching and research in the theological academy; and contributing assistance in teaching, marking and research . The Fellowships are a one-year appointment.

Rev. Dr Andrew Sloane, Director of Postgraduate Studies, says, “We at Morling College have been seeking to strengthen our commitment to theological scholarship and to grow our postgraduate student body. This exciting development furthers those goals and also expresses our commitment to both the MCD and the ACT.”

Rev. Dr Ross Clifford, Director of the Morling Foundation and Principal of Morling College concurs. “This is a great initiative of The Morling Foundation. The Foundation is committed to academic excellence in the fields of postgraduate research and in training the next generation of pastors, teachers, academics and professionals. These Fellowships have been awarded to two of our outstanding postgraduate students.”

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