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Where Can Morling Take You?

Monday 28th October 2013

New interactive map showing our graduates in action

Yesterday Morling College launched the new Alumni section on their website ‘Where can Morling take you?’ featuring an interactive world map that highlights where some of our graduates are serving today.

This is a new addition to the website that was launched by Morling College in February this year. The website has already proved to be a valuable resource for users and this new addition promises to enhance the overall user experience.

The graduates have been divided into five main categories; Pastors, Cross-Cultural Workers, Counsellors, Educators, and Other. Each graduate story can be found by clicking the pin-drop on the interactive map.

Vice Principal Rev. Dr Graham Hill says, “I like the way you can see how Morling has been preparing people for gospel ministry across various fields such as Pastoral, Education, Counselling, Aid and Development, and Social Research”.

This interactive map has been designed as a tool for prospective students to hear a bit more about the experiences of Morling graduates, for current students to be able to see the opportunities they may have once they complete their studies, and for Morling’s current alumni community to be able to stay connected with one another post-study.

“Looking at this map, I’m excited to see Morling having a global impact for the Kingdom of God,” says Morling graduate Rev. Megan Du Toit, Associate Pastor at Gordon Baptist Church.

The graduates on this website have each been interviewed about their journey at Morling and how it has helped to equip them to serve in their current ministries. An example is Morling theology and counselling graduate Ricky Su, who says, “I chose Morling College because it offered distance education and they provided the flexibility that I needed while working as an Australian Army Officer.”

‘Where can Morling take you?’ can now be viewed online:

Megan and Graham

‘Where can Morling take you?’ Launched by Rev. Dr Graham Hill, Morling College Vice Principal,
and Rev. Megan Du Toit, Gordon Baptist Associate Pastor.

For further information please contact Bronwyn Jenkins, Marketing & Recruitment Director, at Morling College

Morling Alumni Website Launched.pdf
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