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Life-long learning and life-long friends

Thursday 9th October 2014 October 9, 2014

Daniel Gundapu’s parents planted Truelight Church (TLC), in India, in 1993. They started with three families meeting in their lounge room and, over the years, God brought more and more people to join in the worship. Daniel’s parents had waited quite a while to be blessed with children, so they prayed “that if the Lord gives them a son, they will dedicate him for full-time ministry”. God brought Daniel into the world, sent him to study in Australia, and then called him back to India to pastor Truelight, which now has churches in five locations.

“God could have chosen anyone to be the pastor of TLC, but he chose me…so I describe my ministry as having plenty of grace: it’s his grace alone.” Daniel felt he needed to be better equipped for ministry and “wanted to study abroad just to have a broader perspective”, so he decided to come to Australia. He attended the Morling College Open Day “and thought this is the college for me”. Daniel expected to embark upon a journey of life-long learning but what he didn’t expect were the life-long friends he has made. His connection with Carlton-Kogarah Baptist Church is one of the highlights from his time spent studying at Morling: “I always say that people see the fruit of our ministry in India, but the real roots are in Australia. The church has become a home away from home, and the friends I have made there will be life-long friends.”

“My time at Morling College equipped me as a whole for ministry.” To be trained in preaching was very important to Daniel and Introduction to Preaching and Advanced Preaching were his favourite subjects: “I am a better preacher now than I was before doing these courses.” For Daniel, gaining an academic, formal education was just one aspect of his time spent at Morling. “Making friends and relationships with churches played a major role in equipping me practically for my ministry too.”

“I was born into a Christian home and had been to church all my life, but the difference it made in my life after going to college is that I am able to answer the question ‘why we do what we do?’”

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