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Pedal against poverty

Friday 22nd August 2014 August 22, 2014 Scott Daniels

A lot of things can happen in the time spent in a dorm room during your college years. We study, pray, procrastinate, talk for hours as well as battle with theological topics that sometimes begin to make our brains hurt, but it is during these times that some amazing ideas, ministries and missions come into being.

During my first year at Morling I had the privilege of watching God shape and grow one such idea from a crazy thought to what has now become a successful, expanding organisation that is helping break the cycle of poverty around the world.

Pedal Against Poverty started out to assist in rescuing children living on a rubbish dump in Cambodia — helping to educate them and giving them hope for a future. At the core of Pedal’s ethos has always been the desire to reach those in greatest need through holistic projects that both share the good news of Jesus and provide practical care. As the event has grown over the past seven years, the annual 24-hour cycling relay has gone on to support numerous other projects, such as maternal healthcare in Cambodia, childhood development in Tanzania, and partnering with World Vision to bring aid to the slums of Jaipur, India, as well as working with projects aiming to break the chains of human trafficking in India. Pedal Against Poverty is now embarking on a new adventure in becoming a permanent part of the Baptist World Aid family.

At first I was reluctant to get involved. I am not a hardcore, lycra-wearing cyclist, and can’t tell you who won the Tour de France last year or this year. However, two years after Pedal began my wife and I were looking for some ways to show our youth how they could be involved in the global fight against poverty. Pedal fitted the bill. Not only did Pedal show our teens there are numerous ways we can be involved in breaking the cycle of poverty, it gave them an opportunity to witness the involvement of the wider Christian and non-Christian communities working together with the same goal of eradicating poverty. Some of them are still riding for Pedal today.

I believe God calls all of us to be active in alleviating poverty, however and whenever possible, most especially when we live in a society blessed with resources. Pedal is a great way for my family and me to be involved in helping address poverty and bringing this calling to the forefront of our lives. Pedal Against Poverty is a fun, energetic and exciting way you and your friends, family or church can be involved in breaking the poverty cycle too. It’s coming up on 25th–26th October — to find out more or to register check out the website,

Scott Daniels

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