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Seek first the kingdom

Friday 27th March 2015 March 27, 2015

A few short months ago Merry Ann Shabalala commenced her role as the Morling College Events and Marketing Coordinator. She brings a wealth of experience and a charismatic (in both senses of the word) passion to her work, and we at Morling are immensely grateful to have her as a part of our team. Let’s get to know her and her husband, Amos, a little better, shall we?

Merry Ann was actually a student at Morling before she came to work here. “I started studying in 2010, a part-time Bachelor of Theology.” She had experienced a turning point in her life the year before and her friends had witnessed this change. They would ask Merry Ann all sorts of questions about Christianity and she found herself “passionately researching and answering their questions”. Merry Ann quickly “decided I needed to know more!” God provided her with the employment and finances that she needed to be able to study “and from that I applied to study part-time in the evening at Morling College”.

A highlight of Merry Ann’s study thus far (because she is continuing her classes while she works at Morling) was the Study Tour to Greece and Turkey. “It was absolutely amazing!  I am quite visual, so when I read Paul’s letters I can see the spectacular architecture of Ephesus and imagine the hustle and bustle of Corinth. I would definitely recommend this tour to other students.” While on Study Tour Merry Ann made many new friends—there’s nothing like travelling together to forge friendships. One of them was Sheree Brugel, “who is now my Marketing Manager!” It is always interesting to see the intricate way God weaves the events of our lives.

Merry Ann had been working for the federal government for the past five years and, when she turned 30, felt she was ready for whatever God had in store for the next stage of her life, because “after all, Jesus started his ministry at 30. I never would have imagined that I would be working at the very college that I enrolled in back in 2010”. Merry Ann joined the Marketing team at a very busy time of the year and she has relished jumping in at the deep end. “I really enjoy working for Morling and the team I work with. Organising events, creativity, and graphic design are things I did out of interest. Now I do it as a job. Love it! It’s true, God directs your steps. He certainly directed mine.”

Merry Ann was instrumental in the organisation and execution of the Morling College Commencement and Conferral Service on Monday 16 March at the Kings School. “It really was an enjoyable night! The team pulled together and so much planning and effort went in to this evening. There was a buzzing atmosphere with family, friends, faculty, and students gathering together to celebrate a significant event.”

Merry Ann and her husband, Amos, “serve as leaders at the Hillsong Northern Beaches Extension Service and we have been responsible for the oversight of Hillsong CityCare community engagement since 2012”. And as this article is being written they are busy moving onto the Morling campus. When asked if there was anything else she’d like to say, Merry Ann responded with: “I just want to encourage believers to continuously be expectant of the things of God… Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33). My husband and I have lots of testimonies of God coming through on our faith journey.  If you see us around campus, feel free to come say hello.”

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