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COVID-19 Update - 16 March 2022

Positive case alerts on Morling campuses are published on our Moodle platform, accessible without a login. Please check this site regularly for updates. Locations will be removed after 14 days.

Positive COVID-19 cases have visited the listed locations on campus on the dates and times indicated while potentially infectious.

In most cases, we consider that attending on campus is a moderate risk and will contact you separately if we believe you would be at higher risk. If you think you may have been exposed, we recommend that you have a rapid antigen test as soon as possible and follow the advice below.

If you were at any of the locations listed on date and time indicated, you should review the appropriate State Guidelines NSW Health guidance at this link to assess your risk of exposure and follow the health advice.

WA Health guidance at this link to assess your risk of exposure and follow the health advice.

COVID-19 Update - 11 January 2022

Amid significant COVID-19 cases in NSW and further restrictions in WA, we are continuing to monitor state and federal guidelines as they relate to Morling. As always, we want to care for those in our community, especially those who are vulnerable.

Our personal responsibility remains important as we care for one another. We encourage everyone to maintain practices that reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19. As always, please do not attend the Sydney or Perth-Vose campus if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Please stay up to date with your State’s COVID-19 guidelines and please get in touch with us if you need support or prayer.

Sydney campus

  • As indicated in our previous message, changes to guidelines at the end of 2021 mean that proof of vaccination is no longer required, and we are now able to welcome all back to the main MALC building on the Sydney campus.
  • The MALC building is open for students, with the Gilbert Wright Library open (check Moodle for opening hours). During January, many of our staff will be taking well-deserved leave, and those back at work may be working from home. If you need to get in touch, please don’t hesitate, but it would be wise to email or phone ahead to arrange a meeting.
  • Please note that the NSW government has re-instated guidelines around mask wearing. This means that you will need to wear a mask in the main areas of the MALC building and when meeting others.
  • You will still need to sign-in using our Who’s on Location app (or sign-in at the Concierge desk). The NSW QR code is still active if you want to continue signing in with it, although it is not mandatory.

It is only a few weeks till Semester 1 begins on February 15. We are still planning on having face-to-face classes on both campuses (with all COVID-19 safety considerations in place) with will continue to have livestream options available as we had in 2022. If necessary, the Leadership Team and Faculty Deans will decide about any changes and communicate these as soon as practical.

Please continue to pray and support one another as we face the various challenges posed by this current pandemic.

As we prepare for 2022, and as NSW reopens more fully from COVID19 restrictions from tomorrow, we wanted to let you know the latest guidance on the College's COVID response. Be assured that we are working hard to make your studies next year are safe and engaging (or your graduation if you have finished!). As always, we want to continue to be faithful representatives of God's love and care for those who are vulnerable in our communities. Please find below a summary on the College's position on vaccination and also the changes for the Sydney campus. If you are studying with the Australian College of Theology you should also read their statement here. Of course, if anything changes to these guidelines, we will be in touch again!

Thank you once again for the resilience, adaptability and faith you have shown this year, and your ongoing commitment to being equipped and shaped by God. We are so grateful to God for the ways that He has sustained us this year. I have heard many stories of ways that our students have served their families, churches, workplaces and neighbours. You have cared for others, found creative solutions to new challenges, sought wise counsel, led in difficult contexts, and asked for help and support when needed.

Morling College – Statement on Vaccination

Morling College Sydney Campus Guidelines - 15 December 2021

We want to support you!

For many in our Sydney-based community the reality of balancing various responsibilities is a challenge (especially for those with school aged children or in essential workplaces). We hope that giving you certainty (at least for the next few weeks) allows you to plan and prepare. We know that lockdowns and other uncertainties can impact our mental health and sense of connection. Please take care and support one another. Take time to rest, to exercise, to meet with your church community and others. As always, please let us know your circumstances, reach out for support and share your prayer requests.

For our Education students, school chaplains and counsellors, and others teaching and working in schools throughout Greater Sydney, we appreciate that there may be added expectations from your own schools. Please reach out for support if needed!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are we keeping our community as safe as possible?

    We want to keep our community as safe as possible. We all have a part to play in, knowing that we are in a significant time of change. As we have always been, we want to act with caution and wisdom, ensuring our care for each other in our community (especially the vulnerable), and following both the advice as well as health orders given by the NSW Government. This means that if you do choose to visit the campus you:

    • will not visit the campus if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, are waiting on the result of a test, have been directed to be in isolation due to your own COVID-19 status or the status of a close contact.
    • recognise that being fully vaccinated does not remove all risk in relation to contracting or transmitting COVID-19.
    • will follow the College’s COVIDsafe plan which includes:
      • Signing-in to campus through the NSW QR code as well as our Morling Who’s on location program.
      • If there are government guidelines to say so, you wear a mask indoors, common areas, unless alone in a closed room or eating and drinking.
      • Maintain social distancing and capacity limits as required at all times.
      • Ensure that areas you used are cleaned after use.
  • Is the Library open?

    Our Libraries in Sydney (Gilbert Wright Library) and Perth (Heather and Noel Vose Library) are open. Please check opening times here. 

  • Are lecturers and administrators still contactable?

    Yes – our open-door policy has become a virtual open-door policy! While some of us[GK1] may be working more flexible hours (from campus as well as home), we are still available via the College phone number, email and Zoom.

  • What is Morling doing to encourage student wellbeing?

    We are conscious that at times of crisis, especially one that is global in nature, most people will experience times of feeling alone, anxious, confused, overwhelmed or concerned for others in their family or community. We are committed to walking this journey with our students. We don't want anyone to feel isolated during their time at Morling - at any time, not just during lockdowns! Consider how you can stay connected with those in your units or course.

    • Students can always contact our Dean of Students, Peter Friend, throughout the week.
    • Our Student Representative Group is also keen to connect, encourage and pray for students.
    • Our Ezra Counselling Centre is also still operational (face-to-face and online) for students or members of the public who need a more formal space to process and find support.
  • Will Morling events still continue?

    We are still keen to equip people in our churches, workplaces and neighbourhoods by holding events that will inspire us to live out our faith in real and relevant ways. All events at the moment are being offered online via livestreaming. Please check our Events page for updates.

  • Is Morling still holding Open Nights or taking enrolments?

    Yes! Even though the way we teach may change we are still committed to providing world class training in Bible and Theology, Education, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, and Professional Supervision. We are exploring ways that this crisis might actually provide new opportunities to equip women and men who want to be better equipped to follow Christ and make an impact in God’s world.

    Please see our Events page to register for an Online Information Events and/or contact Rebecca Brown, our Future Student Advisor on our enquiries email.

  • How can you pray for Morling?

    As always, we appreciate your prayers for Morling as we seek to live out the mission and vision God has given us. At this time, please keep our students, staff and residents in your prayers as we navigate new ways of connection, learning and service.

    Praise God for his faithfulness, provision and empowering.

    Thank God for the ways that Morling has been able to quickly adapt to changing contexts.

    Pray for wisdom for those in leadership and godly reliance in decision making.

    Pray for those in our Morling Residential College (many who are studying at Macquarie University) and for the MRC staff team.

    Pray for the churches and communities our students and staff represent.

    And please let us know how we can pray for you!