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Trauma Informed Pastoral Care Workshop - WA

5 October 2022

Trauma Informed Pastoral Care Workshop

Trauma is an unfortunate reality that we deal with each day, but how does it affect the individual and what can you as professionals and leaders in your field do to best support those around you working through these experiences?

Come along to our Trauma Informed Pastoral Care Workshop, our counselling and chaplaincy faculty are uniquely skilled to speak to this topic with years of experience both in the field and in ministry. We’ll look at the scientific side of trauma, consider some practical skills that can be used to aid those in the midst and look deeper into how that plays out in the professional environment.


This workshop is part 1 of an exciting launch day! To celebrate the offering of our Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care programs from our Perth Campus we will be hosting a workshop (part 1) and an information evening (part 2) to give a look at the quality of teaching we have on offer and to take you through the programs we will be offering starting 2023. 

The workshop is aimed at those already in the field, to provide training to those working in churches, pastoral roles and in schools so as to equip them in Trauma Informed Pastoral Care. Suitable for Counsellors, Chaplains, Pastors and anyone in a related field.

The evening session is optional and will take a deeper look at the degrees and training we will be offering starting 2023. You can register for both the workshop and the evening together. If you'd like to register for only the evening please do so through this page here.


LOCATION: Morling College Perth-Vose Campus

PRESENTER: Morling College Staff

DATE: 5th October 2022

TIME: 9am - 3pm