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Old Testament Today


Author: Walton and Hill

Published: 22 April 2014

ISBN: 9780310498209


    This proven Old Testament text with a wealth of full-color images helps readers connect the world of the Old Testament with today's world. Old Testament Today, 2nd Edition, newly revised, includes a book-by-book survey, new maps and graphics, and other updates throughout.

    Unique among Old Testament surveys, Old Testament Today, 2nd Edition not only provides an orientation to the world of the Old Testament, but also builds a bridge between the original audience and modern readers, demonstrating why the ancient message is important for faith and life today. It goes beyond basic content to help students understand what the Scriptures mean and how to apply them personally.

    Taking readers progressively through the Old Testament, this text: (1) presents the details of the content, focusing on the story line, historical background, and literary information that address the original setting and audience; (2) focuses on theology perspectives and on issues of the author's purpose and the universal message of the text, building a bridge between the original audience and today's audience; and (3) develops an understanding of the relevance of the Old Testament writings to today's Christian, showing how they can be applied in personal faith and practice.

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    Dimensions: 19.38x3.3x23.87
    Publisher: HarperCollins Religious US
    Date of Publication: 22 April 2014
    ISBN: 9780310498209