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  • 2022 - Micro Churches: Remembering the Past to Shape the Future - Bree Mills

    Presented by Bree Mills
    Monday 9th May 2022

    Micro churches, missional communities, and house churches are on the rise in Australia. As Australians seek authenticity and connection these more innovative forms of church seem to connect well, but, are they new? Isn't that the way the early church lived? Many movements have been born from small communities seeking to be conformed to Christ and love their neighbours, but where are they today? Will this movement in Australia last, or is it just the latest fad in church growth?

    Bree Mills believes micro churches are going to increasingly become a part of the Australian church landscape. Micro churches are adaptable, lightweight, and lay-led communities that live out their missional identity in a particular network or neighbourhood. If we are willing to learn from biblical and historical examples, Bree suggests that micro churches can co-exist with existing churches, working in partnership to reach all the nooks and crannies of Australian society.


  • 2020 - The Disappearing Evangelist - Steve Chong

    The Disappearing Evangelist

    Presented by Steve Chong
    Tuesday 12th May 2020

    All around the church, we see pastors, teachers, and church planters, but where is the evangelist? In fact, what even is ‘the evangelist?’ Is it the preacher at a crusade, the leader of your church’s Alpha course or the person in the marketplace? How will the church enter this new decade keeping evangelism at the forefront?

    These are questions that Steve Chong, founding director of the RICE movement, believes the church should be asking in order to carry out its mission today. The church is at crossroads, there is a harvest waiting and a church unsure as to how to harvest it. Is it new methods we need, a return to old ones, or something else?

    Does the evangelistic rally still have a place in the Australian church today? In 2014, Eternity magazine even asked, “Is it time to give up on the big evangelistic rally?”

    Defying this trend is the phenomenal success of the RICE Movement. Since 2002 they have been bringing people together at their evangelistic rallies in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Perth and now Sao Paulo (Brazil) with many more cities in the pipeline. Why is their ministry so effective? What does it tell us about the ministry of evangelism, the content of the gospel, and the needs and interests of young Australians?


  • 2019 - The Bible in Australia - Dr Meredith Lake

    The Bible in Australia

    Thursday, 16 May 2019
    Presenter: Dr Meredith Lake

    We’re all pretty used to the idea that Australia isn’t a 'Christian country', but it is still a culture upon which the Bible has cast a pretty long shadow. Christian belief and practice have been here since the First Fleet arrived. Today, references to biblical phrases (“my brother’s keeper”) and allusions to Bible teaching (“Do unto others…”) are commonplace. But, as we saw in the same-sex marriage debate, no one wants to hear the Bible quoted authoritatively in public debates.

    Based on her award-winning book, The Bible in Australia, Dr Lake presented the historical 'backstory' to where we are at with the Bible now, with a view to exploring the best uses of the Bible in public discourse and political debate.


  • 2018 - Reclaiming Community: Mission, Church & Aboriginal Wisdom - Brooke Prentis

    Reclaiming Community: Mission, Church and Aboriginal Wisdom

    Presented by Brooke Prentis
    Monday, 26 March 2018



  • 2017 - The Joy of the Gospel - From a Theology of the Balcony to a Theology of the Road - Dr Cathy Ross

    The Joy of the Gospel - From a Theology of the Balcony to a Theology of the Road

    Presented by Dr Cathy Ross

    Wednesday 24th May 2017



  • 2016 - Uncommon Good: Peaceable Dialogue for Partisan Times - Dave Benson

    Uncommon Good: Peaceable Dialogue for Partisan Times

    Presented by Dave Benson



  • 2015 - Prayer as a Weapon: Clasped Hands as Nonviolent Uprising - Matt Anslow

    Prayer as a Weapon: Clasped Hands as Nonviolent Uprising

    Presented by Matt Anslow



  • 2014 - Gender: Being Missional and the Reign of God - Rev. Dr Karina Kreminski

    Gender: Being Missional and the Reign of God

    Presented by Rev. Karina Kreminski



  • 2013 - Preaching to the Birds? The Mission of the Church to the Creation - Dr Mick Pope

    Preaching to the Birds? The Mission of the Church to the Creation

    Presented by Dr Mick Pope


  • 2012 - Everyday Theology in the iWorld - Dr Justine Toh

    Everyday Theology in the iWorld

    Presented by Dr Justine Toh



Earlier Lectures

Copies of these lectures are available in written form by contacting Morling college.

2011How Dirty are the Hands and Feet that follow Jesus, by Jon Owen, Urban Neighbours of Hope, Sydney.

2010Lost in Salvation, by Michael Duncan, Alongsiders, Auckland.

2009Following Jesus into Suburbia, by Dr Simon Carey Holt, Whitley College, Melbourne.

2008Fitting into the Triune God’s Missional Plot, by Mary Fisher, Sydney Chinese Alliance Church, Sydney.

2007Mission After Christendom, by Dr Stuart Murray Williams, Anabaptist Network, Bristol.

2006Mission as Cultural Subversion, by Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Sri Lanka.

2005Promoting the Gospel, by Dr John Dickson, Centre for Public Christianity, Sydney.

2004Old Stories, New Directions, by Mary Evans, London School of Theology, London.

2003A Cross Cultural Missions Approach for the West, by Dr James Chancellor, Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville.

2002The Holy Love of God and the Mission of the Church, by Rev Peter Corney, Institute for Contemporary Christian Leadership, Melbourne.

2001Christianity in Three Crucial Dimensions, by Professor Charles Kraft, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena.

2000Missional Leadership, by Alan Hirsch, Forge Missions Training Network, Melbourne.

1999Mobilising the Local Church for Global Outreach, by Paul Borthwick, Development Associates International, Boston.