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CH202 - Christianity in History Study Tour

Morling College offers Greece and Turkey (BB202), Israel and Jordan (BB202) & Reformation (CH202) Study Tours, on rotation, in January each year.

A Study Tour is an unparalleled learning experience as you are immersed in the place and space in which key biblical events occurred.

The tours are, administratively, Semester 2 units in the year prior to the trip, with pre-reading done before the tour commences, and assessment to be completed after the tour (by early Semester 1). Fee-Help is available for a significant portion of the cost of the unit for eligible students.

More information on our Study Tours can be found HERE

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

CH202 - 12cps CH/TH/PE

CH202-712 - 96cps of study, including 36 cps at AQF level 6

Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit codes CH245 / CH445 / CH645

Full Course Unit Descriptor:

For the full Course Unit Descriptor, please see the Australian College of Theology website