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Morling College is more than just a place to gain a degree. We aim to be a faithful and flourishing community of faith and learning, where we strive together to share the hope and power of the gospel. By offering these scholarships, Morling hopes to share this vision and mission. We hope that you will partner with us!

Morling scholarships aim to allow students to focus on their studies and participate in College life by relieving financial pressures that come through tuition fees or living expenses. We hope scholarships program will enable women and men who have not had the opportunity to come to Morling to study, including those from culturally diverse and indigenous communities. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of a student’s sense of vocation and future plans as well as the financial impact a scholarship will make on their ability to study. Some scholarships are designed to equip students in a specific ministry or training area. Full time and part time students may apply.

Most of our scholarships are funded proportionally according to a student’s enrolment over a 12-month period, up to a maximum of 96 credit points (a fulltime load). This means that students who study fulltime will gain the maximum benefit from a scholarship. Note that most scholarships do not cover all unit fees, and so students will need to pay some of their tuition either upfront or via FEEHELP if available to them.

It is preferred for scholarships cover a proportion of tuition fees, and in some cases this is mandatory. Note that students will still need to cover other living and study expenses.


Equipping you to impact the world.


  • Matching Scholarships
    • Funding towards unit fees
  • General Morling Scholarships
    • Funding towards unit fees or living/study expenses
    • Funding proportional to unit enrolment
  • Tinsley Scholarships
    • Funding towards unit fees or living/study expenses
    • Funding proportional to unit enrolment
  • Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Scholarships - funded by BaptistCare
    • Counselling and Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care courses necessitate some face-to-face instruction on our Sydney campus.
    • Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care courses are not available to overseas students.
  • Kel Willis International Student Scholarships
    • Available to students studying from their home country
    • Funding towards unit fees
    • Funding proportional to unit enrolment
  • Postgraduate Research Fellowship (by invitation only)


Students can apply for Scholarships in a single online form, providing they meet the eligibility criteria. Some scholarships have their own eligibility criteria and students should review this in detail before making an application. As part of submitting your online application, students may also be required to provide supporting documents.



If you are a future student (i.e. you are also applying to study at Morling for the first time) please check the overview and criteria of the course you are interested in to ensure you will meet acceptance requirements.


More details about the Morling College Scholarship Program Policy, are available here.


We deeply value the opportunity to partner with you, in a variety of ways.


Please pray that God uses this program in mighty ways and that Morling will be a good steward of the funds that are available. Pray with a discerning heart about who you could encourage to apply. Pray for applicants and those in the selection process. Commit to praying for scholarship recipients.


We are deeply grateful for the faithful support of individuals, churches and other organisations. Your generosity in your love, prayer and financial support is so vital to our ongoing ministry. We hope you will be encouraged with us and walk with us into the future as we strive, with God's enabling, to be the best that we can be, so that churches are enriched and God's kingdom is extended.

We also want our Scholarship Program to be sustainable. Our goal is to increase our scholarship funds to provide opportunities for students, year after year, generation after generation. So, where possible, we encourage churches and individuals to consider providing a tax-deductible matching donation for a scholarship recipients or to donate to our General Scholarship, Tinsley Mission or Kel Wills funds.

Donations are processed securely through Baptist Financial Services Giveway portal.

Donate to our Scholarship Fund Donate to our International Student Fund

Or find out more on the Donations page of our website.


Most of our students come to College because they have been encouraged to be further equipped by someone they know. Have you already identified people in your church or community who are gifted and who have a desire to grow deeper in faith and service? Why not invest in them and in the Kingdom through a Matching Scholarship!

Find out more about Matching Donorship


If you would also like to establish a scholarship then let us know!


To allow time for processing, it is helpful to apply for these scholarships early. New students are encouraged to submit their application for study as soon as possible to ensure their eligibility.

  • 7 April 2022: Applications Open
  • Late May 2022: Scholarship Committee will start processing applications (you can still submit beforehand and matching scholarships can be offered earlier)
  • Late May and Late June 2022: Offers for scholarships are processed. Offers made regularly throughout this period.
  • 24 June 2022: Main scholarship applications close
  • 11 July 2022: Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care scholarship applications close

Once applications have been processed, we’ll get in touch with you about your outcome or to invite you to an interview.


  • Are scholarships available for both part-time and full-time students?

    Yes, scholarships are available for all students – part time or full time. To maximise the opportunity of the scholarship, we encourage you to consider studying as many units as reasonably possible in your awarded year. You may be able to reduce other commitments to give you time to study more units!

  • How much is the scholarship benefit? Will it cover all my tuition fees and expenses?

    Generally, your scholarship benefit will not cover all the expenses of study – both tuition and additional costs.

    It is important to note that the scholarship amount you receive is based on the number of your enrolled units at Census Date. As an example, in 2021, most students who received a Morling General Scholarship received AUD$1250 per enrolled 12 credit point unit. A standard unit cost in 2021 was AUD$2211.

  • What are matching scholarships?

    Matching scholarships are a great way for your church or workplace wants to support you and cover some of your tuition costs. Matching scholarships allow your sponsor to partner directly with Morling in your studies and maximises their financial commitment to you. You may want to suggest this possibility as you share your plans for study.

  • What happens after I apply?

    After you apply, your referees are contacted to complete a questionnaire. The Scholarship Committee will then review your application and referee surveys and if successful, will send an offer via email. If you are not successful, you will also be notified via email. For further information about dates and timings, please refer to the website and the confirmation email from when you submit your application.

  • If I am not a current Morling student, do I also need to complete a student application?

    Yes, everyone needs to complete an application to study, and meet the acceptance requirements, for their chosen course/pathway before they can start studying. We encourage you to start this process first, and then apply for a scholarship. You do not need to wait until you are accepted to apply for a scholarship, but if you have completed your student application, it makes it easier for the Scholarship Committee to decide on your application. Please click here to complete your student application.

  • Can I apply for more than one type of scholarship?

    Yes, you can apply for more than one type of scholarship. However, each student will not receive more than one type of scholarship.

  • How long does the scholarship last for?

    Your scholarship funds will be awarded for a 12-month period. You are welcome to apply again for subsequent years.

  • What can I use the funds for?

    We encourage you to use your funds to cover part (or all) of your tuition fees and for some scholarships this is mandatory. Where applicable, and if you are eligible, you may prefer to put your fees on Fee-Help and use the scholarship funds for other relevant study and living expenses such as textbooks, computer equipment, conference fees, accommodation costs, on campus meals or travel costs for intensives.

  • When do I receive the scholarship funds?

    If you are not using your funds for tuition fees, scholarship funds are released to you after ‘Census Date’ each semester. This is the date when your enrolments are confirmed and is typically one month after the semester starts.

    This means that you will need to be able to cover any expenses before the scholarship funds are released. The College will reimburse you after Census Date.

  • Does the scholarship affect Austudy?

    The scholarship funds are not considered income, so you do not have to inform Austudy of your benefit.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, you will receive a digital certificate after Census Date of the first semester of your scholarship.

  • What if I defer the start of my studies or decide to take a break?

    Your scholarship is awarded for one calendar year from the date on the offer. If you defer your studies and you study beyond the scholarship offer, your scholarship is not deferred with it (unless there are exceptional circumstances agreed to by the Scholarship Committee). However, you are welcome to apply again.

  • Can I use my scholarship funds for units at other ACT colleges?

    No, your scholarship funds are only available for units enrolled at Morling College.


Juliet (Master of Education – Leadership)

Meet Juliet. She is a Ugandan, wife and mother of five who has desired to equip and mentor teachers and leaders in Uganda for decades, but the financial burden of higher education made this dream seem like an impossibility. This year “the Lord answered her prayers” and she received a scholarship to pursue a Masters of Education in Leadership. The financial freedom has enabled her to grow in her leadership skills, and in her first trimester, she has “effectively trained 250 Christian educators” on how to think biblically and critically.

Catherine (Graduate Diploma Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care)

“God has been preparing me for chaplaincy my whole life,” says Catherine. She has always desired and felt a Divine invitation to pursue a vocation in championing and pastoring those in need. Catherine felt doubtful due to financial constraints but she applied for Morling and a scholarship despite it, and she got it! “As a recipient of this scholarship, financial burdens that threatened to distract and cripple me have fallen to the ground and I can study and prepare for ministry…”

Dean (Master of Divinity)

Full-time vocational ministry is challenging to say the least. One must be poised in soul care, teaching and preaching and some instances are faced with the lack of financial resources. So when Dean, a bi-vocational church planter and father, received the Tinsley scholarship during one of the most unprecedented seasons of his life he was overjoyed. “The scholarship funds were an incredible blessing to support my family as we invest into the kingdom work of church planting.” He is now one step closer to completing his Masters of Divinity.



Most of our students come to College because they have been encouraged to be further equipped by someone they know. Have you already identified people in your church or community who are gifted and who have a desire to grow deeper in faith and service? Why not invest in them and in the Kingdom through a Matching Scholarship!

We have two main matching scholarship types for donors/sponsors. Matching scholarship funds should be paid before the start of any study period and are used towards unit fees only. You can see our annual Academic Calendar here. Note that Morling's contribution will only be processed for students who have been offered a Morling scholarship and after the matching funds have been donated.

Matching Scholarship types

Type A: Unit for Unit

  • Where the donor/sponsor pays for first/third unit and the college funds a second/fourth unit.
  • If the student is only completing 1 unit or an odd number of units in a particular study period, Morling will match the funds for the subsequent unit/s within the next 12 months of study.
  • Minimum cost/donation - 1 unit. You can see how much a unit costs on our fees page.

Type B: 1/1/1

  • Where the donor/sponsor pays for a 1/3 of a unit fee, the student pays for 1/3 of the unit fee (either upfront or by FEE-HELP) and the College covers the other 1/3.
  • This can work for any number of units completed in a semester.
  • Minimum cost/donation - 1/3 unit. You can see how much a unit costs on our fees page.

Invest in a Student - Become a Matching Donor