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PE023 - Using the Old Testament in Christian Ethics

The Old Testament is a problem for many Christians. Some find it puzzling, or even offensive; others seem to glibly misuse it for their own ends. There are few resources aimed at enabling ordinary Christians to understand the O.T. and use it in their lives as followers of Jesus. In this book At Home in a Strange Land: Using the Old Testament in Christian Ethics, Andrew Sloane seeks to address this need.

He outlines some of the problems that ordinary Christians face in reading the Old Testament as part of Christian Scripture and provides a framework for interpreting the Old Testament and using it in Christian ethics. He identifies some of the key biblical texts of both the Old Testament and the New Testament that both inform Christian ethics and challenge us to live as God’s people. Using the paradigm of learning to travel in unfamiliar places, Sloane seeks to equip the reader with tools for understanding many of the puzzling and difficult passages found in the Old Testament. In sum, the book aims to “rehabilitate” the Old Testament for ordinary, even sceptical, twenty-first century Christians. While many of the issues have been covered elsewhere, there is very little that seeks to bring together questions of interpretation and “ethical application” in one book aimed at lay people.

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

Pre-requisites (all levels): 12 credit points OT, and 12 credit points CH/TH/PE

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