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Our evening classes are an opportunity to learn from experienced lecturers who will stretch, challenge and deepen your biblical knowledge and its practical application to your work, ministry and life, after hours, at a time that may suit you better. 

Why Evening Classes?

Evening classes are the perfect opportunity for those who work or are a primary caregiver during the day to attend on-campus classes - an opportunity to get to know God and His Word more deeply, meet with your peers and lecturers face to face and be better equipped for ministry. 

Other benefits include:

  • the ability to accumulate credits towards an undergraduate or post-graduate diploma or degree;
  • strong support from qualified educators and access to the latest research and resources;
  • access to state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities in the brand new Ministry & Learning Centre at our Macquarie Park or Perth Vose campus;
  • open pathways to further study that can lead towards accreditation as a Baptist Pastor or being equipped for other areas of ministry;
  • the opportunity to learn face-to-face in collaboration with other students.

    All our evening classes are open to casual (non-award) enrolment for $360/semester. 

See below for a list of our scheduled 2022 evening classes for Bible & Theology avialable at either of our campuses. Further information on each unit, their teaching lecturer and when they are offered is available below by clicking on the unit name. The 2022 On-Campus Timetable can  be found here. 

Semester 1 - 2022

  • NT003 New Testament Overview

    Morling South (Hurstville) – Tuesday, 7-9.15pm with Tim MacBride

    Dive into the New Testament – its context, content, structure and themes. What is the background it was written under? What are its distinctive features?

  • PE001 Introduction to Christian Ethics

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Tuesday, 7-9.15pm; Livestream; Online with Ross Clifford

    An introduction to biblical ethics, grounding you in Old & New Testament ethics; philosophical ethics; and particular ethical issues, such as divorce, sexism, racism, wealth, poverty and cohabitation.

  • BB003 Principles of Hermeneutics

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Tuesday, 7-9.15pm; Livestream; Online with David Starling, Anthony Petterson, Tim MacBride & Matt Andrew

    This unit introduces you to the definition, importance, and scope of hermeneutics. It covers grammatico-historical principles of interpretation, and surveys the interpretive rules and principles appropriate for the study of different literary forms and genres in the scriptures.

  • EM001 Mission Perspectives

    Vose Perth Campus – On-Campus: Tuesday, 6.30-9.30pm; Online with Lloyd Porter

    Beyond talking, beyond concepts - this unit will pitch you into the midst of a cross-cultural experience. You will have the opportunity to learn about the Biblical principles of mission as you do it! Mission perspectives will give you the opportunity to consider how the Christian Church engages in mission today and why. You-ll be challenged to think and engage cultures from a theological perspective, not just a reactive one. At the end of this unit you-ll have a better understanding of what it means to be involved in mission and how to minister amongst people of another culture.

  • TH005 Foundational Christian Beliefs

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 6.45-9.30pm; Livestream; Online with Matt Andrew

    This unit will give you an overview of the central doctrines of Christian faith, outlining the importance and functions of beliefs in Christians understanding the world. It will also give you an opportunity to evaluate your personal beliefs.

  • NT016/017 The Fourth Gospel (Eng/Gk)

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 6.45-9.30pm; Livestream; Online with David Starling, Graeme Dunkley & Tim MacBride

    This unit provides an introduction to the English text of the Fourth Gospel, considering its life setting, the intentions of the evangelist, and the major features of Johannine theology. Students also carry out exegesis of selected texts and develop the skills involved in New Testament exegesis.

  • OT010/11 Former Prophets (Eng/Heb)

    Vose Perth Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 6.30-9.30pm; Livestream; Online (English Only) with David Cohen

    Join us to examine the Former Prophets, their themes and theological teachings, content and character, and exegete (analyse and evaluate) selected chapters of the English and/or Hebrew text.

  • NT001 Jesus and the Gospels

    Vose Perth Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 6.30-9.30pm; Online with Mike Kok

    This is the first of two foundational NT units. It provides an overview of the four gospels and the portraits that they paint of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – with a focus on how Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God in word and deed. It also offers an introduction to the context in which the gospels were written and in which the events they describe took place, and the core message of the gospels for Christian readers today.

  • PC002 Pastoral Care

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Thursday, 6.45-9pm; Livestream; Online with Keith Mitchell

    This unit will give you an introduction to the basic issues in pastoral theology, allowing them to develop an integrated biblical and theological understanding of pastoral ministry. It also gives an understanding of pastoral care for both families and for people in other life stages and transitions.

Semester 2 - 2022

  • EM024 Evangelism Principles

    Morling South Campus (Hurstville) - On-Campus: Monday, 7-9.15pm with Mike Frost & Graeme Dunkley

    This unit will expand your knowledge of the gospel and how to share it with others. We will look at the content of the gospel, different models of evangelism, the sovereignty of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the nature of conversion. As part of your assessment you will also be expected to undertake 20 hours of field work (personal involvement in specifically evangelistic activities), including at least 5 hours of direct evangelism. It will be practical and inspiring.

  • CH002 Christianity in History from 1550

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Tuesday, 6.45-9.30pm; Livestream, Online with Edwina Murphy & Nicole Starling

    In this unit we’ll be learning about how God has worked in history from the English Reformation to the present. We’ll discover the people, movements and ideas that made an impact – for better or worse. You'll learn about everything from Henry VIII to the abolition of slavery, from missions to the church in Nazi Germany, and from Baptist beginnings to Vatican II. We’ll see how people have followed Jesus in the past and reflect on how we can emulate their successes and learn from their failures.

  • TH001 Knowledge of God

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Tuesday, 6.45-9.30pm; Livestream, Online with Matt Andrew & Andrew Sloane

    Analyse the interrelationship of the knowledge of God and of God’s world and humanity.

  • OT003 Old Testament Overview

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 7-9.15pm; Livestream with Marc Rader

    Dive into the Old Testament – its context, content, structure and themes. What is the background it was written under? What are its distinctive features?

  • OT020/021 Psalter (Eng/Heb)

    Macquarie Park Campus – On-Campus: Wednesday, 6.45-9.30pm; Livestream with Andrew Sloane

    Open up the Psalms with us! Join us to outline key issues in understanding the Psalms, themes and theological teachings, and the meaning of selected passages in English and/or Hebrew.

  • NT002 Early NT Church

    Vose Perth Campus

    Enter the world of the earliest church as portrayed in Acts and the Epistles, and how the message of these formative texts still speaks to the church today.

  • TH103 The Doctrines of Grace & Eschatology

    Vose Perth Campus

    What are the basics of the doctrine of grace and eschatology?

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